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Methods of Payment

Money shall not be paid to the Proprietor of any Lot unless the Lot is cleared by the Purchaser. Cavan Equestrian Centre Ltd., Horse Marketing Centre shall not be answerable for any deficiency which may arise on the re-sale of an uncleared Lot. Payment to the Vendor or his authorised agent will be made 28 days after the day of the Sale in respect of those animals where payment has been received.

Purchasers are advised that the only payment acceptable to Cavan Equestrian
Centre Ltd., Horse Marketing Centre on the day of sale is Cash, Banker's
Draft or their own cheque advised in writing to NATIONAL IRISH BANK, 1 MAIN ST., CAVAN, IRELAND,
Tel. +353 1 4840733
fAX. +353 1 4840731

Commissions & Fees

For every Lot sold by Auction or bought in by the Vendor, or by anyone other than Cavan Equestrian Centre Ltd., Horse Marketing Centre, the following charges are payable. Similar charges will be made for any lot disposed of between the date of publication of the catalogue and one week after the date of Sale. Full commission is to be paid by the Vendor to Cavan Equestrian Centre in respect of any lot returnable and/or returned.

All sales: 3% of the sale price is payable by the Vendor and 6% by the purchaser.

Any lot absence or withdrawn without a Veterinary Certificate lodged between publication of catalogue and time of sale are absent of a charge of Ä30

Terms of Payment

Payment must be made in cash, debit card, credit card (Visa or MasterCard with a 2% surcharge) or by bankerís draft. Prospective purchasers who wish to pay by cheque must, through their bank, make arrangements with the Cavan Equestrian Centreís bankers, NATIONAL IRISH BANK, 1 MAIN ST., CAVAN, IRELAND,
Tel. +353 1 4840733, FAX. +353 1 4840731 These arrangements must be completed during banking hours.

Please Note: Sterling cheques/cash will be accepted at a rate given by our accounts department on day of receipt.