Showjumping Events 2022

Scroll down for a full list of Showjumping Events for 2022.


August 3 Day Autumn Horse Championships

Friday 26th, Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th August

September 2 Day Autumn Pony Championships

Saturday 3rd & Sunday 4th September

September Cavan Indoor Championships

Tuesday 13th - Sunday 18th September

September National Amateur Championships

Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th September

October 2 Day Autumn Pony Championships

Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th October

October 4 Day Autumn Championship Show

Thursday 13th,Friday 14th, Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th October

October Halloween 3 Day Pony Championships

Friday 28th, Saturday 29th & Sunday 30th

November Cavan Winter Horse Festival

Wednesday 9th - Sunday 13th November

November 2 Day End of Season Winter Pony Championships

Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th November

December Winter Horse Championships

Friday 2nd, Saturday 3rd & Sunday 4th December


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